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World class solutions to any construction requirements

General Services

Provide overall Project coordination and Project Team management.

Monitor Project Team performance relative to contractual obligations.

Provide regular Project budgeting, cash flow projections and a master milestone schedule as required by the funding institution (with input from others as required).

Coordinate insurance and risk management (with input from others as required).

Preliminary Planning and Feasibility

Prepare the Master Milestone Schedule showing duration/phasing, responsibility, and precedence for all major activities. Establish the duration of the Project and identify the most critical activities. Update and expand the level of detail as the Project progresses. Detailed construction schedule will be by the Construction Manager or the General Contractor.

Identify all critical Project constituents as well as all approvals and permits required to be obtained from the relevant governmental jurisdiction(s), public agencies, community interest groups, etc.

Construction Services

Organize and direct the Contractor to maintain daily job site reports, numbers or workmen, general activities completed.

Organize and direct the Contractor to monitor delivery and review of shop drawings and submittals, and expedite approvals of same. Organize and direct the Contractor to maintain submittal/approval logs and sets of all such documents and samples.

Arrange for sequenced video coverage and monthly photographs of the work in progress.

About Us

Established in 1989, Bliss Project Management has a broad spectrum of knowledge within the residential and commercial property market incorporating Luxury homes, townhouses, apartments, commercial buildings and social housing schemes. Bliss Project Management prides itself on whatever the project size and value on quality and deliverability whilst working to the clients budget.

Our core competencies include proactive management of the entire construction process from inception to completion whilst implementing careful financial management.

In addition to our experienced senior management team, we have a motivated team of skilled and semi-skilled employees large enough to ensure that we can deliver our projects on time and to the required standard. A combination of engineering disciplines and expertise is brought together in Bliss Project Management, enabling us to deliver world class solutions to any of our clients construction requirements.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help our clients create better building while leaving a positive legacy. We focus on the key environmental and social issues where we can collaborate with our peers to make a real difference to the construction environment including:

* Skills development programmes

* Upliftment within the community

* Health and social education

* Guidance and financial assistance to help like minded individuals to own their own business

* Implementation of new technology to lower a developments carbon footprint.

The company ensures compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act through all of it's projects.

Our Contacts


119 Royal Rd. Kitchener, Ontario Canada


Tony 519-579-4560
Thomas 519-885-9696
David 519-267-8956
Terry 519-585-7845